It's Supa! when 1960's San Francisco POPS! up in the Future! Welcome to the world's first Time-Capsule-Toy-City...

Our story unfolds in 1966, as famed Professor of Gaming, Stan Rio, seals San Francisco in a giant Time-Capsule-Toy, protecting it from an impending invasion guessed it—Aliens! (the Bad kind)

Enter...SupaPop City, true believers—

When Aliens Attack—SupaPop City enacts a Hyper-Active Space Fold...sweeping the intruders up with them, thereby saving the earth!

And peace reigned for 50 years...until...SupaPop City POPS! up again. The SURPRISE INSIDE is the very FUTURE...of our PAST—unlatched with all its secrets upon an unsuspecting humanity!

'nuff said!