Behold, LOLI POP!  Drop Undead Gorgeous  ୧༼ ”  ‸  ” ༽୨

She's the Queen of SupaPop's UNDERWORLD...Shopping Center and (Haunted) Amusement Park—aptly named, the HELL-A SUPA-MALL! Actually, she's the CEO and general manager. And meet her Supa-Spooky Boo Brew! (´╹‸╹`), monstrous (yet so kawaii) victims of SupaPop's alien technology gone awry.  Oh MY! ┌╏_╏┘

Once Upon a Time...Loli Pop was a normal girl, living in a magical valley called Woodland Hills, but then one day...after a terrible incident at her favorite Organic Spa in San Francisco, Loli had a little accident and ended up DEAD! And that's Dead - Not a zombie (don't call her that - she hates that) - just plain old dead.


Rumor is that her heart is hidden somewhere deep within SupaPop City, and if she can locate it...she just might live, to live again! Which she would love to do, as the thing about the arms falling off, or head, or legs is like, so annoying. For now, her Uncle Stan Rio keeps her movin' n groovin through regular injections of Supa-something-or-other... 

Loli Pop spends a good deal of her time hanging out at the ODD-IT-TEA cafe with the Boo Brew, who include (but are not limited to) Count Popula, Franki Stein, The Adorable SnoThing, Hello Human and The Grey Marriage !  ┌▒ ⊗ ▃ ⊗ ▒┐

Loli is an ongoing rivalry with Bebe Bardo, over a range of contentious issues...including who the Magic Mirror truly believes in the most Kawaii of them all!

Above: Loli Pop art from our all-new MIGHTY FINE collaboration